Interactive Design


Experience Design

Some people design on paper, we design in spaces, creating new worlds of light, energy and wonder.

Interactive Technology

Technology is a powerful tool that allows us to integrate new forms of interactivity. We constantly develop new installations that give audiences immediate responses to their actions, with no entry barriers.

Get People Playing

People form stronger and more positive memories when they get to play along. Regardless of your audience’s age we can create an experience that makes them a part of your story.


Content Creation


Projection Mapping

Take any space and make it a reflection of your ethos. With our projection mapping abilities, buildings, sculptures and natural environments will make your narrative glow in people’s hearts. Every surface is an opportunity.

Film & TV

From high-demand content to gripping, motion graphics, we produce video for all media channels. Hold an event and we’ll help turn it into a social media conversation. Need a video library and we’ll make sure they work cross-platform. Versatile assets leverage your marketing dollars and amplify your message.

Special Events

Whether you need a big idea for your event, or specialized content for screens of any size, we deliver. We have a consistent track record of performance on tight schedules and challenging venues.


Real World Integration


Events & Conferences

Sometimes screens need to be 3D or hexagonal or even shaped like a giraffe. We create custom, affordable solutions for whatever you need. And if you need extra lighting to set the mood and enhance the content on the screen, we have great relationships with a network of service providers.

Exhibitions & Trade Shows

We start with understanding your core goals and work together through the design process to integrate technology and media and interactive systems in an unique way. Our approach is flexible. We work with designers, directly with end clients, in tandem with your regular agency and are happy to source new partners


We integrate seamlessly into exhibition designs to create context and deepen engagement, while recognizing curatorial and conservationist best-practices.