80s Installation for HootSuite winter getaway

HootSuite via Transformation Projects


Hfour was invited by Transformation Projects to create a video installation for HootSuite’s winter getaway at Harrison Hot Springs Resort. Having previously used the resort for a HootSuite getaway, Transformation Projects wanted to keep the experience fresh and new for the Vancouver based company.  Part of this strategy included the use of projections, and Hfour delivered.

After a site inspection, we decided to create two installations, the first one on a wall inside the hot spring area, and the second one using deck chairs surrounding the pool.

The theme of the event, designed to create cohesion and unity throughout the attendees, was late 80s/ early 90s neon winter camping. Bad sweaters, silly toques, bling, Fresh Prince and Saved by the Bell were used as inspirational references.

The first projection installation used two high powered projectors to create a large canvas of themed motion graphics mapped onto the wall and windows of the building.  Hfour’s team created a library of pattern animation and graphical content to use, as well as an interactive greenscreen feature which superimposed 8-bit video images of people onto the wall.

The second installation involved mapping late 80s fashion onto deck chairs by the pool.  Because many of the attendees were in their white spa robes (an excellent projection surface), sitting in the chair meant that a guest could ‘wear’ the digitally projected fashion.  As a result, this site was used as a fun twist on a photobooth.

Hfour is excited to have collaborated with Transformation Projects on the creation of this show.  They understand the essence of ‘wow’ moments, progression in events, and as everyone attending can confirm, how to throw a great party.